Our team

Hundreds of professionals who every day make their work and passion their reason for being.

We thank each of the entrepreneurs and their collaborators for dedicating time and energy to help an organisation grow from scratch. We would like to achieve what Charles Handy said about the new meaning of business: “businesses have to be more like a community with a soul”. Likewise, we are at the full disposal of each one of them to enjoy and grow their adventure…

Meet our team

Madmen, visionaries, adventurers, travellers, transgressors, non-conformists, inventors, sailors, hikers, runners, crawlers and disruptors… That’s who we are: ready for everything.

Delfí Torns

Co-founder at Bluvoyager

Delfí is a tourist, traveller, avid reader and humble writer. For years, he has been managing many different companies in the tourism sector. Currently, he is a business angel and actively supports new startup projects through the platforms he co-founded: “Bluvoyager Ventures” and “Homu Health Ventures”, for the biotech sector. He advises companies in the tourism sector on their transformation, growth and internationalisation, through “Habilitas Solutions for Tourism”.

Delfí holds a Degree in Tourism Business Management, as well as a BBA from the University of Barcelona, a Degree in Humanities from the UOC, an MBA from the Salle University of Pennsylvania (USA) and a General Management Programme from the IESE Business School. He has also taken a postgraduate course in systemic coaching at the Gestalt Institute and has studied for five years at the Ateneu Barcelonès Writing School.


Hugo Palomar

Co-founder at Bluvoyager

Hugo is passionate about the sea and gastronomy. He is an expert in all areas of tourism, E-Commerce and innovation. He is a true entrepreneur with excellent interpersonal communication and negotiation skills. Furthermore, he is a pioneer of the startup ecosystem. Since 2009 he has founded travel and leisure startups creating disruptive value propositions through the internet such as; ByHours and Foodie&Tours. He was CEO at the travel portal Barcelona.com and is currently CEO and founder of the online marketing agency Mindset Digital, where they implement strategies through Growth Hacking, for national and international companies and startups.

Hugo holds a degree in Hospitality Management and Food&Beverage from the UAB. Graduated in Inbound Marketing & Branded Content by IEBS. Master in Tourism at ESADE and master in Online Marketing and e-Commerce EAE. He also holds a PDG by IESE.

Nikos Lainas

Co-founder at Bluvoyager

Niko, as a Greek, should be sailing. Instead, he is passionate about alpine skiing. For 20 years, his professional career has been linked to investment banking and wealth management in Athens and London. He has extensive experience in investment funds and venture capital. As a Prop-Tech specialist, he has been developing real estate projects in Barcelona since 2014.

Niko is an economist, MBA from Birmingham University and PADE from IESE.