Startups from the world of Travel Tech and Prop Tech… Join us!

At bluvoyager ventures, we are passionate about entrepreneurship. We love being able to contribute our experience, our network and generating synergies between entrepreneurs. We will help new business projects to grow thanks to our knowledge of the tourism sector.

Our goal is to help create value in the medium and long term to entrepreneurs. Getting actively involved with those who develop initiatives in tourism, travel and prop-tech.

Geographic scope: The world!

Travel Tech y Prop Tech

 For tourists, for tourism companies, for travellers, for adventurers. For owners, for property managers.

Value capital

The perfect cocktail: 1/3 Angel Investment, 1/3 value accompaniment for entrepreneurs and 1/3 of good vibes.

Seed & early-stage

We are specialists in the take-off phase. We are there when the rocket is about to launch or in the early stages of the journey.

People & tech

We do our best to improve the efficiency and competitiveness of the sector together with committed teams working with scalable technology.

Why bluvoyager?

Blu(e) evokes the sea and the sky.

The sea was the beginning of life.

The sky is the symbol of dreams and the infinite universe.

Voyager takes us on a journey, but in reality it is an adventurer who takes risks on his particular odyssey.

Voyager is also the name of the spacecraft that left the Earth in 1977 and that today is outside the solar system, more than 20,000 million kilometres away from the Earth, with messages in case one day an extraterrestrial civilisation intercepts them.

Voyager is travel, adventure, risk, discovery…

Do you join us on this journey?